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Statement from Ana Gomes on Libya

MEP Ana Gomes, appointed in 2010 as Standing Rapporteur of the European Parliament for Libya, spent the last 3 days in the region for contacts with Libyan personalities on how to stop the dramatic deterioration of the security situation in their country and how to bring it back into a democratic transition path.

Ana Gomes commented:

"Libya is now in fact deprived of governance, with militia let loose and infiltrated by terrorist and other criminal organizations, putting the country and people at the brink of an escalating proxy war among foreign powers.

In face of that, and knowing that Libya's lawlessness threatens Europe's own security, the EU cannot continue to sit in the fence. It is unacceptable that the coming EU Foreign Affairs Council plans to place Libya on the agenda only for informal discussion at ministers' lunch: that means procrastinating and undervaluing very real dangers to the EU. Member States obsess with the flow of migrants, which can only increase with lawlessness in Libya, yet they neglect the inflow of arms and terror in preparation to come...

The EU must clearly take the side of those in Libya, and outside Libya, who want to see this country return to the democratic transition process, which led to the legislative elections last June - with results that nobody questioned - and which led to the constitution of the House of Representatives as the legitimate body democratically representing the people of Libya.

The EU must clearly condemn all those who are responsible for wanton violence and selective killings, kidnappings, torture and other grave human rights violations against civilians, be it armed militia on the ground or military chiefs lashing out air raids to sow death and destruction in neighbourhoods and public facilities, such as airports. The EU must make clear and certain that they will be held accountable for their crimes in international justice.

The EU must continue to support the persistent efforts of UNSGSR Bernardino Leon to move forward with the Gadames process and warn that it is urgent to find a negotiated political solution with the formation of a united and inclusive government. And that EU support should come, as well, by immediately enacting its own targeted sanctions, including assets freeze and travels bans, for those leaders responsible for armed violence and for boycotting the UN sponsored negotiations.

Also, the EU must act to track, expose arrest and stop any interfering powers and other actors who are financing and arming extremist and terrorist groups in Libya, as well as any Libyan individuals or organizations who may take advantage of the situation and try to deviate Libyan State revenue or assets through international financial conduits.

Finally, the EU and its Member States must get their act together and prepare not competing national military assistance but a properly coordinated CSDP mission, ready to assist, in cooperation with other partners, a future united Libyan government in the priority task of building centrally commanded armed and police forces, in stopping payment to and disbanding, disarming and socially reintegrating the existing local militia, in securing all remaining arsenals and in driving into jail and out of Libya the foreign fighters infiltrated in operating terrorist groups".

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