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Press Release from the Intergroup Western Sahara calling on the EU to condemn the trial of Saharawi activists

Brussels, 30 January 2017

The Intergroup Western Sahara calls on the EU to condemn the ongoing trial of 24 Saharawi activists who were arrested following the Gdeim Izik peaceful protest camp in 2010. The prisoners are due to be tried in a civilian court this week in Rabat. The prisoners had previously been tried in a military court, described by Amnesty International as "a shocking miscarriage of justice". They have been imprisoned continuously since 2010, often in inhumane conditions, based on evidence obtained under torture.

The fact that these activists have been imprisoned without fair trial since 2010 is an egregious violation of their basic human rights. We urge EU Member States to demand from Morocco the immediate release of these human rights defenders, and clearly condemn Morocco's ongoing use of torture and military courts for civilians. The systemic human rights abuses against the Saharawi people under Morocco's brutal occupation cannot continue to be ignored and overlooked by the EU and its institution mainly EP, who claim to champion universal human rights and freedoms.



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