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Ana Gomes: “Jonathan Ferris should be granted whistleblower status”

Ana Gomes, Head of the ad-hoc European Parliament Delegation to Malta, has been monitoring developments concerning the application for whistleblower status by Mr. Jonathan Ferris, a former FIAU and Police investigator in Malta.

She notes that progress in this regard is very slow, since a decision to grant Jonathan Ferris whistleblower status has yet to materialise. The status had already been requested when the EP Delegation visited Malta, on 31 November-1st December 2017.

"I believe that the information in Mr Ferris's possession may be important" said the Socialist MEP. "I call again on the Maltese government to ensure he is given whistleblower status and to take all appropriate measures to ensure adequate protection to him and his family. I am disturbed to hear that he is being asked to divulge information to the Office of the Prime Minister prior to being granted the status. If that is confirmed, it is totally unacceptable - particularly when the said information may include further relevant elements about a Minister and the Chief of the Office of the Prime Minister, persons who were already exposed in "Panama Papers" but are kept in Government", she stated.


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